We’re giving away a smart alert system for free!


Just book a FREE Hearing Test during the month of October, and we will add your name into the draw for a Smart Alert System valued at $695.00.

This is a great product that was developed by Unitron, that allows your home to communicate with you. It lets you know when the telephone is ringing, the doorbell is being pressed, the smoke detector is going off – it even comes with a bed shaker device to warn you if you’re asleep. This system connects wirelessly to your hearing aids, or the included belt attachment.

The Smart Alert System helps give the hard of hearing person the peace of mind they deserve in their own home.

How can the Smart Alert System help you?

If one or more of the following applies to you, this system may be the perfect choice:

– Do you have loved ones who are concerned about your safety at home?
– Do you use, or have been told you require hearing instruments?
– Do you have severe to profound hearing loss?
– Do you live on your own and wish to continue living independently?
– Are you concerned about not hearing the smoke detector while sleeping?
– Have you ever missed hearing the home phone or doorbell?

You can learn more about it by clicking the following link: Smart Alert System