Hearing loss affects friends and relatives

Hearing loss does not only affect the hearing impaired individual – it also affects their friends and relatives. During conversations, a friend or relative may receive an incorrect response, or even no response at all. This can cause them to feel ignored, or to think they are being deliberately misunderstood. This may have a negative impact on the home environment and can even lead to conflict.

Sometimes someone with a hearing loss doesn’t want to admit there is a problem, but ignoring hearing loss will not solve the far-reaching complications it can create.

For example, a hard-of-hearing individual might not hear phone calls or the doorbell, missing opportunities to enjoy family or friends. Or they might not be able to properly fulfill work requirements because they did not understand instructions, causing trouble in their work environment. Also, hearing impairment can be the result of a medical condition which, when left undiagnosed, could lead to further problems.

So, what can you do if you suspect a family member or friend is suffering from hearing impairment? Encourage them to do something about it and have their hearing tested by an Audiologist. Tell them it will cost them nothing and it will give them (and you) peace of mind. Even if they don’t have hearing loss now, it’s good to establish a baseline early so they have something to compare to should concerns arise in the future.

At Aldershot Audiology, hearing tests are always free for adults. You will be seen by a licensed Audiologist, who will use the latest equipment to assess your hearing.

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